Chardelyne is a Singer, Songwriter born in 1995 to Haitian parents in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her journey began at a young age singing solos and eventually receiving piano lessons at the age of eight. Though her studies as a piano student were not extensive, the seed had been planted. Once she reached high school, being a part of a choral program, as well as participating in an instrumental program, further nurtured this seed. Her musicianship developed to include mastery of a new instrument, Clarinet. Forward she pushed until receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a concentration in Music Industry; further expanding her abilities vocally and acquiring business skill.

Chardelyne’s sound is like none ever heard before. Her choice of notes when singing a melodic line is not the norm; her choice of harmonies and use of rhythm is outside of the box; the jazzy soul quality of her voice is an unexposed treasure. The summation of these elements produce her unique sound: jazzy intonations and hip-hop cadences infused with a soulful voice.

The mission is to reach the ears, hearts, souls and minds of those who can appreciate this rare gem. Fulfilling this pursuit takes a commitment of integrity to authenticity and musicality. Chardelyne has concluded that communication of her human thoughts, feelings and emotions is simple through music. Relaying the basis of her being without music is arduous.


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